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Brain Challenging Games

We are releasing a series of brain challenging games. Users can play these games not only for entertainment but also for brain exercise. User can play each game for just 5 to 10 minutes every day for good brain exercise.

These games are designed to test concentration and responsiveness of user’s brain. All 3 games are hyper casual games with a lot of fun.


Simulation of 3 balls juggling. User need to tap on balls to start juggling.

How to Play?
1. There are three balls on screen
2. Each ball is given one number
3. User need to start tapping on balls in given sequence.
4. User just need to repeat tapping on balls in same sequence.
5. If ball falls on ground or if sequence of balls not followed then game over.

Its very easy but fun to play. You can compete with players all around the world and compare your score with them on leaderboard.


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User need to handle two cars at a time. User just need to tap on respective lanes to change the lane of car

How to Play?

  1. There are two cars at bottom of screen. (Both cars are moving in forward direction)
  2. User need to avoid obstacles by changing lane of both cars accordingly
  3. User need to collect fuel
  4. User can also collect coins. Coins can be used to unlock new cars. New cars are fuel efficient and also gives bonus score

This is very challenging and entertaining game. User can compete with other players on leaderboard.


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This is a variation of twin cars game. Only difference in this game is one car is moving in up direction and second car is moving in down direction. All rules are same as twin cars challenge. Since both cars are moving in opposite direction it is a real challenge for brain.

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Mystery Numbers – magic square

Vichitra Games presents a new puzzle ‘Mystery Numbers’. Inspired by legendary mathematician Ramanujan.

Ramanujan created a magic square using his birth date (22-12-1887) in such a way that addition of all rows, columns and diagonals was same.
Rohit Kulkarni found the mystery behind this square and created same kind of magic square using his birth date (29-01-1988). Rohit developed the algorithm and transformed this idea into a new puzzle. This algorithm can generate infinite number of combinations of such mystery numbers. Read complete story behind mystery numbers here.
This is a new and unique puzzle. It is a treat for mathematics lovers.

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